Friday, June 30, 2017

Trying to Transcribe - Will of Solomon Bond of Iowa- Pt 2

Yesterday, 29 Jun 2017, I began the will of my 4th great-grandfather, Solomon Bond, who died in Mahaska County Iowa, probably in 1851. Today is the final section of that will.

Solomon names 7 children in his will, including 3 deceased daughters. However, there is no mention of another child, Mary, which I had found in my research. Mary was still alive in 1850 when the will was written, as she is on the 1860 census in Henry County, Kentucky and William Bond and family were living with her. Apparently Mary had no children. She had remained in Kentucky when the rest of the family moved north. I don't know why he didn't name her in the will. Maybe he had given her something when she stayed in Kentucky. It may remain a mystery.

full and ample a manner in every respect, as I could myself do
if liveing. I also direct that the nett proceeds of my estate herein
before ordered to be sold, be equally divided, as soon as it can
be done between my children, John Bond, William Bond, Eliz-
abeth McGuire & Sarah Lowery, and the children of my deceased
daughters, Celia Stillwell, Rhoda Lowery, and Nancy Lowery,
this dividing my entire estate into Seven equal parts, and my
said children to have one Seventh part each, and my Grand
Children, namely the children of my deceased daughter, Celia
Stillwell to have equally between them one Seventh,
the children of my deceased daughter Rhoda Lowery, to have
equally between them one seventh, and the children of my deceased
daughter Nancy Lowery, to have equally between them one seventh.
And it is my desire that said shares be paid to them as soon as my
Executor Shall be able to do so after the sale of my estate.
I hereby make and ordain my worthy and esteemed son-in-
Law Cornelius R McGuire Executor of this my last will and
       In testimony whereof, I Solomon Bond, the testator, have
hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty-fifth of May A.D.
Eighteen hundred and fifty.
                                                   Solomon Bond {seal}
Signed, sealed, published and declared by the above named Solo-
mon Bond as his last will and testament in the presence of us who
have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses thereto in the
presence of the said testator and in presence of each other.
                                                                     W. H. Seevers
                                                                     Micajah T. Williams
State of Iowa }}}}
Mahaska County }} County Court Dec. Term 1851
        I Micajah T. Williams, Clerk of said count court do here
by certify that on this 8th day of December AD 1851 the foregoing
Will was duly proved up and allowed by said court and ordered
to be certified and recorded.
{ LS } In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand
             & affixed the seal of said county this 8 day of
               December AD 1851.
                                               Micajah T. Williams
                                               Clerk of said County Court
recorded December 10, 1851

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trying to Transcribe - Will of Solomon Bond of Iowa- Pt 1

Yesterday I completed the will of my 2nd great-grandfather, Solomon Bond, who died in Linn County Oregon. Today I am beginning the will of his grandfather, my 4th great-grandfather, Solomon Bond, who died in Mahaska County Iowa, probably in 1851.

I also want to declare my appreciation that my 2nd cousin, Robert Bond, alerted me to this will document which was located online. Again I repeat, if you see any errors, please contact me.

Solomon Bond, Will
                                        Established Dec 8, 1851
                  In the name of God
                                  I Solomon Bond of Mahaska
County Iowa do made and publish this my last will and
testament, hereby revoking and makeing void all former
wills by me at anytime heretofore made.
First, I direct that my body may be decently interred, and that
my funeral be conducted in a manner corresponding with my
estate and situation in life, and that as to such worldly estate
as it has pleased God to intrust me with I dispose of the
same in the following manner to wit: I direct first that my
just debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon after my
decease as possible, out of the first moneys that shall come
to the hands of my Executor from any portion of my Estate
real or personal. I also direct that all my real estate of which
I shall die seized or possessed Shall be sold by executor for the
reasonable value, for cash or on such credit and the amount
thereof secured in such manner as is usual in like cases to
insure the full and punctual payment thereof and to effectuate
this my intention. I hereby vest my executor with full power
and authority to dispose of my real estate in fee simple in [ ? ]

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Trying to Transcribe - Will of Solomon Bond - Pt 3

Today is the final section of the will of my 2nd great-grandfather, Solomon Bond. From the wording at the end, it appears the original document was one sheet. Please contact me if you see any errors.

     14th I desire that in case any of my said
children should die without offspring
that the share set apart to them herein shall
be divided equally share and share alike
between their living brothers and sisters.
     15th After the payment of all my just
debts, funeral expenses and the legacies
herein mentioned, I desire that all the
residue in my siad estate if any, shall be
divided equally share and share alike
between my living children.
     In Witness thereof I have here unto
set my hand and seal this 30th day of September
A.D. 1887.
                                  Solomon Bond {seal}
      The above instrument consisting of one sheet
was now here subscribed by Solomon Bond, the
testator, in presence of each of us, and was at the
same time declared to be by him to be his last Will
and testament, and we at his request sign our
names hereto as attesting witnesses.

J. W. Rector               Halsey, Linn County Oregon
D. L. Stewart                  "        "         "          "
Wm J. Stewart               "         "         "          "

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Trying to Transcribe - Will of Solomon Bond - Pt 2

As I mentioned yesterday I have two copies of this will. I am using the copy from the probate files, however if I cannot read what it says easily I check the copy from the will book and then make my decision of what I believe it says. Please contact me if you see any errors.

Yesterday there was a bequest to the children of a deceased daughter (Susan Bond Bridgefarmer) and today's section also includes bequests to the children of another deceased daughter, (Mary Bond Cummings.)

     6th I give and bequeath unto my son Wm
H Bond one full share of my said estate.
     7th I give and bequeath unto my daugh-
ter Lydia A Clark one share of my said
estate Less the sum of two hundred dollars.
     8th I give and bequeath unto my son
Charles S Bond one full share of my said
     9th I give and bequeath unto my son
Austin Bond one full share of my said
     10th I give and bequeath unto my son
Harvey Bond one full share of my said
     11th I give and bequeath unto my son
Melvin Bond one full share of my said
     12th I give unto my grand-daughter
Ollive E Cummings one full share of my estate
in Case She Shall remain with us during
her minority or until she marries but
in case she should not do so I desire that
She Shall have but the sum of One hundred
dollars out of my estate.
     13th I give and bequeath unto my grand-
children Gabriel Cummings and Robert E
Cummings the sum of ten dollars each
to be paid to them in money out of my

Monday, June 26, 2017

Trying to Transcribe - Will of Solomon Bond - Pt 1

Today I am trying to transcribe the will of my 2nd great-grandfather, Solomon Bond, who died in Linn County Oregon in February 1900. His will was apparently written in 1887. I have in my files two copies of his will, both handwritten. One copy is on 3 pages and the other copy is on 2 pages. The latter appears to be what has been recorded in the will book. The other copy came from the probate files. Both copies are rather faded so are hard to read, but I'll do my best. Please contact me if you see any errors. I'm going to use the 3 part version today.

         Know all Men by these present that
I Solomon Bond in Halsey, Linn County
State of Oregon being in good health,
and of sound and disposing mind and
memory do make and publish this my
last will and testament.
        1st I hereby constitute my son Charles
S. Bond without Bonds to be Sole Executor
of this my last will directing My said execu-
tor to pay all my just debt and funeral
        2nd After the payment of my just debt
and funeral expenses, I give and bequeath
all my personal and real estate to my beloved
wife Huldah Bond during her life time.
        3rd After the death of my said wife
I desire that my real and personal estate
be divided into nine equal shares and to
be given to my heirs as follow to wit:
        4th I give and bequeath unto my son
John H. Bond one share of my said estate
less the sum of two hundred dollars.
        5th I give and bequeath unto my
grandchildren Huldah I Bridgefarmer,
David S Bridgefarmer, Anna M Bridgefarmer,
Ella F Bridgefarmer, and Wm A Bridgefarmer
heirs of my deceased daughter Susan A
Bridgefarmer One full share of my said
estate to be divided equally share and share
alike between them.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Trying to Transcribe - Will of Benjamin Albertson - Pt 2

This is part 2 of the will of my 5th great-grandfather, Benjamin Albertson, written 21 Sep 1800 and probated at November term in 1800 in Perquimans County North Carolina. If you find any errors please contact me.

Item     I give all the Remaining part of my Estate unto my Said wife and my
            Daughter Sarah Albertson to be equally divided between them.
Lastly Thereby nominate, constitute and appoint my Wife Mary Albertson
           Executor & my Son Benjamin Albertson executor of this my Last Will,
           Ratifying & Confirming this and no other to be my Last Will & Testament
           In Witness Whereof I the said Benjamin Albertson Senr have here unto
           set my hand & seal this 21st day of this 9th month in the year one
           Thousand & Eight Hundred.
           Signed, Sealed, published pronounced } Benjamin Albertson (seal)
           & declared by the Sd Benjamin Albertson }
           to be his Last Will & Testament in }
           presence of
               William Newby
               L. Munden
          Perquimans } November Term at Hertford 1800
            County      } This Certifies that the Within Will of Benjamin
         Albertson Dece was then & there Exhibited into Court & proved by
         by the Affm of Levi Munden, a Subscribing Witness thereto
         at the Same time Mary Albertson & Benjamin Albertson the
Exec & Executor therein Named came into Court & Qualified agreeable
         to Law                                          Test Jn Harvey clk
        Recorded the 14th February 1801 Test Jn Harvey clk

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Trying to Transcribe - Will of Benjamin Albertson - Pt 1

Day before yesterday, 22 Jun 2017, I began a series of my transcriptions of handwritten records for some of my ancestors. I started with a recorded copy of the will of my 6th great-grandfather Aaron Albertson from Perquimans County North Carolina. Today I am doing part 1 of the will of Aaron's son, my 5th great-grandfather, Benjamin Albertson, written 21 Sep 1800 and probated at November term in 1800. If you find any errors please contact me.

122  State of North Carolina }
        Perquimans County } I Benjamin Albertson SenR of this place
        aforesaid being weak in body, but of Sound and disposing mind &
        memory, do make and ordain these presents to be & contain my
        last Will & Testament in the following manner & form
First It is my will that all the Just debts which may be owing from one
        at the time of my decease & all necessary Expenses be Well & truly
        paid out of my estate in due time.
Item I give to my beloved wife Mary Albertson during her natural
        Life the use of one third part of my plantation [ ]what Houses
        she shall have need of with privledge of fire wood & Rail
        Timber for her necessary use.
Item I give to my said Wife & her disposal, Two feather Beads & furniture
        One Horse & Saddle Two Cows & Calves & one Heifer two years old and
        all my Hogs, Three Ewes & Lambs, all my pewter, One Chest, one
        Trunk, One Linning Wheel, One Iron pot with hooks and trammel
        one large Bible, one Table, Six Chairs, one horse cart, and Mare,
        only for my son Joshua to have the two first Colts which the
        Sd Mare Shall Bring ----
Item I give & bequeath to my Son Benjamin Albertson & his heirs &
        assigns forever, one half of my plantation & Land, the part
        joining Richard Sanders line, to be divided by a straight line
        from the River to the head--
Item I give & bequeath the other half of my plantation & Land unto my
        sons Aron & Joshua Albertson, to be equally divided between them
        to them their heirs & assigns forever.
Item I give to my [ ] Son Joshua Albertson one feather Bed & furniture
        and one Heifer --
Item I give to my daughter Phariby Albertson one feather Bed & furniture
        One cow & Calf one Saddle & One Linen Wheel.
Item I give to my daughter Miriam Anderson Forty Shillings
Item I give to my son Joseph Albertson Forty Shillings.

[to be continued tomorrow]

Friday, June 23, 2017

Trying to Transcribe - Will of Aaron Albertson - Pt 2

Yesterday, 22 Jun 2017 I began a series of my transcriptions of handwritten records for some of my ancestors. I started with a recorded copy of the will of my 6th great-grandfather Aaron Albertson from Perquimans County North Carolina, originally written 15 Oct 1769 and probated in Apr 1782. Since it is found on two pages, I did part 1 yesterday and today is part 2. I am using a cropped version so other people's wills aren't included. If you find any errors please contact me.

Benjamin Albertson and their heirs forever.
Item     I give to my four children (vizt) Nathaniel Albertson,
Abigail Cosand, Jean Charles and Benj[ ] Albertson the
other half of all my moveable estate to be equally
divided betwixt them and their heirs forever.
            I also nominate, constitute and appoint my loving sons
Nathaniel Albertson and Benjamin Albertson executors of
this my last will and Testament ratifying this and no
other to be my last will and Testament and I do hereby
utterly disallow revoke and disannul all and every other
former wills and legacies, bequests and executors by me
before this time named, willed and bequeathed ratifying
and confirming this and no other to be my last will
and Testament.
             In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand
and seal this 15th day of October 1769        /
Signed, sealed, pronounced and declared   /
by the said Aaron Albertson as his            /
last will and Testament in                         /        Aaron Albertson seal
presence of Mary Sanders                       /
Mary M Albertson                                 /
                  Wm Albertson                     /     nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Perquimans County proved in April Court
1782 by the affirmation of William Albertson at the
same time Benjamin Albertson was qualified as an
executor as the law directs. --- Test
                                                 Thos Harvey CC
   Recorded 7th Septr 1783 by Thos Harvey CC

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Trying to Transcribe - Will of Aaron Albertson - Pt 1

For the remainder of June I am planning to do a series of my transcriptions of handwritten records for some of my ancestors. I am beginning with a recorded copy of the will of my 6th great-grandfather Aaron Albertson from Perquimans County North Carolina, originally written 15 Oct 1769 and probated in Apr 1782. It is found on two pages, so will begin with part 1 today and will plan to do part 2 tomorrow. I will use a cropped version so other people's wills aren't included. If you find any errors please contact me. 

North Carolina        }
Perquimans County } Be it known to all men by these presents
that I, Aaron Albertson of the place aforesaid being sick
and weak of body but of sound disposing memory --
therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and
knowing that it is appointed for men once to die do
make and ordain these presents to contain my last will
and Testament and as touching such worldly estate
wherewith it both pleased god to bless me with in this
life I give and dispose of in the following manner and
forms that is to say.
First I will that all my just debts and contracts be
discharged and paid in convenient time after my decease.
Imprimis    I give to my son Benj[ ] Albertson my plantation I
now dwell on with all the land thereunto belonging to him
and his heirs forever only my will is that my loving Anne
have the use of one third of the aforesaid plantation and
house during her widowhood.
Item.    I give to my loving wife Anne Albertson the one half
of all my moveable estate during her natural life and
after her decease to be equally divided betwixt my four children
Nathaniel Albertson, Abigail Cosand, Jean Charles and
[to be continued tomorrow]

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Children of Elias and Martha (FitzRandolph) Marsh

Yesterday, 20 Jun 2017, I wrote about Martha FitzRandolph who was married to Elias Marsh. Then I stated that I concluded they had 7 children. This is a time period where there are few birth records. I have used online trees and other records found through I based their order on the listing of the younger 5 in the Quaker records at Salem Monthly Meeting in Columbiana County Ohio. Here are some of my conclusions.

  1. Mary Marsh, born in New Jersey 5 Feb 1779, married in 1795 to William Webster. On 1820 census they were in Liberty Township, Butler County Ohio. I believe she was the female age 26-44.
  2. Elias Marsh, born in New Jersey 7 Sep 1788, married in 1810 to Edith Townsend. On 1820 census they were in Hanover Township, Columbiana County Ohio. I believe he was the male age 26-44.
  3. Lydia Marsh, born in New Jersey 27 Aug 1790, married in 1808 to John Walton. On 1820 census they were in Butler Township, Columbiana County Ohio. I believe she was the female age 26-44.
  4. Fanny Marsh, born probably in Pennsylvania about 1795, married in 1814 to Joseph Underwood. On 1820 census they were in Fairfield Township, Columbiana County Ohio. I believe she was the female age 14-25.
  5. Joseph Marsh, born probably in Pennsylvania about 1796, married in 1816 to Hannah Rigby. On 1820 census they were in Hanover Township, Columbiana County Ohio. I believe he was the male age 14-25.
  6. Samuel Marsh, born in Pennsylvania 4 Dec 1799, married in 1823 to Rebecca Gilbert. On 1820 census I believe he was in the household of his mother Martha Marsh in Hanover Township, Columbiana County Ohio I believe he was the male age 14-25.
  7. Jane Marsh, born in Pennsylvania about 1800, married in 1817 to Joseph Scott. On 1820 census they were in Middleton Township, Columbiana County Ohio. I believe she was the female age 14-25.

I would be glad to receive any source information from other Marsh researchers than can correct or expand on what I have found.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ancestor Birthday - June 20th - Martha FitzRandolph 1758 - 1837

Martha FitzRandolph was my 4th great-grandmother, born 20 Jun 1758, the daughter of Reuben and Elizabeth (Moores) FitzRandolph, in Woodbridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey. My website includes very little information about her.

By looking at other trees and a few available online documents I have come to the following conclusions. Sometime around 1777 Martha married Elias Marsh, the eldest son of Joseph Marsh in New Jersey. It appears they had 7 children and the family moved to Columbiana County, Ohio by 1806, when Elias was received on certificate at the Quaker Salem Monthly Meeting.

They were still living in Columbiana County in 1820 when Elias died. Martha and her son Elias were appointed as adminstrators of the estate. They signed the bond 14 Dec 1820. I believe that Elias did not have a will since they were adminstrators, not executors.

Eventually Martha went to Butler County Ohio where she lived with her daughter, Mary Webster. Martha died 7 Nov 1837 in Monroe Township, Butler County and was buried in Spring Hill Cemetery.

Tomorrow I'll give some of my conclusions about Martha and Elias' children. .

Monday, June 19, 2017

Remembering More Falk Family Reunions

On Sunday, 11 Jun 2017, I posted some photos of deceased Falk Family members which were taken at family reunions in the past. Today, 19 Jun 2017, I want to post some of the group photos from the reunions. Next Sunday, 25 Jun 2017, will be the next Falk Family Reunion. This year it is to be held at Mark Bierly's in Halsey. I hope to see many Falk Family members there.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fathers Day and Fishing

When I remember my father, Lester O. Albertson, I can remember him going fishing. Apparently his father, O. J. Albertson, also liked to go fishing and this photo shows both of them with their fish.  This was probably in the 1940s.

Back in 2013 I wrote some of my childhood memories, using the alphabet for topics. One of the topics for F was fishing. Here I will quote a portion of what I wrote then.

I mostly associate fishing with my Dad. He really liked to fish. During the winter when he did not have farm work to be done in the fields he went about twice a week to the Alsea River, about 40 miles away, to fish for steelhead. Usually he went with someone else, so they could visit and tell stories while waiting for the fish to bite. They had a certain place they usually went where the man who lived there let them use his boat to cross the river and fish from the other side. When their fishing was done, they would bring it back across. I think that usually Daddy would take his own outboard motor to use so they didn't have to row. I liked it when he caught a steelhead, because they were very good to eat. Over the years I ate quite a lot of fish.

In the summer during our annual trip to the coast at Newport my Dad would drive up to Depoe Bay and take one of the charter deep-sea fishing trips in the ocean for salmon. It was very exciting when he would catch one.

During the spring my Dad would go with one or more of his friends and "run the river." They would usually take my Dad's boat with his outboard motor and fish on the Willamette River. Often they would start at Harrisburg and finish at Peoria. One of the wives would drive them to Harrisburg where they could launch the boat and then later in the day meet them at Peoria where they could take the boat back out of the water and load it on the trailer and take it home. They were fishing for trout in the river and usually caught at least one.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ancestor Birthday - June 17th - Timothy Chase 1812 - 1877

Timothy Chase was one of my 3rd great-grandfathers. Although I have listed his father as Charles Chase on my website, I am not completely confident that is correct. It is based on a statement made in a local history from Nebraska in an article about Luman Chase, one of Timothy's sons. Since it is likely that Luman provided the information and Charles would have been his grandfather it does have some credibility. But I haven't found any other documentation for this relationship. If there are any Chase cousins reading this and you have some other source for this, please let me know.

Timothy's birthdate of 17 Jun 1812 has been calculated from his stated age at his death. The county where Timothy was born is still uncertain. In the 1850, 1860 and 1870 censuses his birthplace was reported as New York. But that is not very precise.

It was the last day of 1832, 31 December, when Timothy married Lucy Irene Howe, the daughter of Ichabod and Irene (Scovill) Howe, in Cornwall Township, Litchfield County, Connecticut. On the 1840 census the family was in Sharon Township which adjoined Cornwall on the west side. Then by 1850 they were in Goshen Township, which joined Cornwall on the east side.

Timothy was one of my "moving" ancestors. He and the family left Connecticut and were in Leroy Township in Lake County Ohio by the 1860 census. In 1870 the family was living in Illinois in Rivoli Township in Mercer County. Then they moved to Saline County Nebraska where Timothy died on 5 Jul 1877. He was buried in Atlanta Cemetery in Atlanta Township in Saline County. Apparently Timothy had made an application for a homestead there in Saline County because 2 years after he died on 30 Jun 1879 a patent for 80 acres was issued to Lucy I. Chase, widow of Timothy C. Chase, deceased. It was almost 3 years later when Lucy died, 10 Mar 1882. She was also buried in Atlanta Cemetery.

Timothy and Lucy had 8 children who appear to have inherited the "moving" gene. They all died in different counties:
  • Sarah = Ashtabula County, Ohio
  • Crawford = Cherokee County, Kansas
  • Wells Morgan = Clay County, Nebraska
  • Lucy Jane = Sherman County, Kansas
  • Ralph = Lake County, Ohio
  • Emily = Harper County, Oklahoma
  • Luman = Spokane County, Washington
  • Marsh = Furnas County, Nebraska.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Quaker Cousins - Benjamin F. Marsh - 1856 - 1918

Benjamin F. Marsh was another one of great-grandfather Nathan Elias Albertson's first cousins. But he was the only one I have found who had his picture in a history book, Past and Present of Randolph County, Indiana, published in 1914.

Benjamin was born in Hancock County Indiana 15 Oct 1853. He was the youngest child of 6 born to William and Martha (Chappell) Marsh In 1861, when Benjamin was 8 years old, his father died. It was 7 years later in 1868 when his mother died. Benjamin had worked to gain an education and by age 16 was teaching school. He continued to study at various institutions and continued to teach. During this time he also studied law and in 1881 was admitted to the Randolph County bar and began practicing law in the town of Winchester. He had a few different partners in his law practice over the years.

On 4 Oct 1883 Benjamin married Carrie E. Kizer. The local history described her as "a lady of education and refinement and long a favorite with the best social circles of Winchester."
He was a Republican in politics and was elected prosecuting attorney of Randolph County in 1890 and served for 2 years. Benjamin was a Mason and also belonged to the Knights of Pythias. He was a member of the Friends church and it was noted that for many years he was Sunday school superintendent.

The 1914 history concluded his section with this statement: "Mr. Marsh is a congenial and companionable gentleman and liked by all classes." Benjamin died in Muncie, Delaware County Indiana 30 Dec 1918 and was buried at Fountain Park Cemetery in Winchester. His wife Carrie remained a widow until her death 23 Jan 1945 and she was also buried at Fountain Park Cemetery.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Quaker Cousins - Elias Robert Lamb - 1857 - 1879

Today is another post about an Elias in the Marsh family. Elias Robert Lamb was the son of another one of Sabina (Marsh) Albertson's sisters, Lydia (Marsh) Lamb and her husband Joseph Lamb.

Both Elias Robert's birth and death in Hancock County Indiana were recorded in the records of the Quaker Westland Monthly Meeting. Elias Robert was number 6 in a family of 8 children, born 18 May 1857. He was the 5th and the last one born who was named Elias of the grandsons of Elias and Edith (Townsend) Marsh.

However, he was the 1st one who died, as he died at age 22 on 9 Jun 1879. The other 4 all lived past 1910.. I wish I knew what caused his death at such a young age.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Quaker Cousins - Elias Nathan Perisho - 1853 - 1916

Yesterday, 13 Jun 2017, I wrote about 3 cousins who shared the name Elias. Today I will continue with another 1st cousin of my great-grandfather, Nathan Elias Albertson, who also was named Elias.

Elias Nathan was the son of one of Sabina (Marsh) Albertson's sisters, Fanny (Marsh) Perisho, the wife of John C. Perisho. Elias N. was the 2nd child of 9, born 12 Mar 1853 probably in Hamilton County Indiana, since the family was there for the 1850 census. About 1855 the Perishos, as well as the Albertsons and Marshes, moved west to Hardin County, Iowa. They were there in time for the 1856 Iowa State Census. John was a blacksmith, so I wonder if Elias as the oldest son helped his father with his work. By the 1870 census John was listed as a farmer and Elias was a worker on the farm. His mother died in 1873 and his father remarried and Elias gained some half-siblings.

Elias himself was married 25 Oct 1880 to Emily Baldwin. The Quaker Honey Creek Monthly Meeting in Hardin County, Iowa, has recorded 6 children for Elias and Emily, born between 1881 and 1894. Looking at the Find A Grave entry for Elias it appears that all of his children lived to adulthood as they died between 1947 and 1967. Elias died 24 Jun 1916 and was buried at Honey Creek Cemetery in Hardin County Iowa. Emily died in 1940.

An obituary appeared for Elias Nathan Perisho in the Quaker periodical, The American Friend, 11 of 9th month 1916, page 883.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Quaker Cousins - Elias T. Marsh - 1848 - 1926

Walnut Ridge Monthly Meeting, Rush County, Indiana

Again I plan to post about some of my great-grandfather Nathan Elias Albertson's first cousins (my first cousins three times removed.) I posted about cousins from his father's side in the early part of May 2017. Now I want to post about cousins from his mother's side of the family.

Elias T. Marsh was the son of Jesse and Catherine (Osborn) Marsh. Jesse was a brother of Sabina (Marsh) Albertson. Catherine was a step-sister to Jesse, since her widowed mother Margaret married his widowed father Elias. Apparently Elias T. was named for his grandfather, Elias Marsh and his great-grandfather, Elias Marsh. Elias T. had a first cousin named Elias J. Marsh (son of William and Martha (Chappell) Marsh who was born a little over a year before Elias T. You also can notice that my great-grandfather shares the name Elias as his middle name.

Elias T. was born 5 Jan 1848 in Hancock County, Indiana. When the census of 1850 was taken on the 22nd of July in Blue River Township in Hancock County, Elias was enumerated as Elias Thomas Marsh, age 2, in the household of Jesse and Catherine. Also in the household was his 9 month old sister Margaret and his grandparents Elias and Margaret. I wonder if they had a problem knowing which Elias they were talking about. But that problem would have gone away in about 1855 when Jesse and his family moved to Hardin County Iowa.

When they took the 1860 census there in July, Jesse and Catherine's household now included 5 children: Elias, Margaret, George, Mary and John. Jesse's sister Sabina and her family lived next door. Nathan Elias was about a year younger than Elias and 3 years older than George, plus Nathan Elias had 2 younger brothers, William and Jesse. I wonder if these boys who were siblings and cousins found activities to do together.

When Elias T. was almost 19, on 15 Dec 1866, he married Fanny Lavina Hickman. Sometime between 1880 and 1900 Elias and Fanny and their children moved to Adams County, Iowa. They lived there until Fanny died in 1924 and Elias died 26 Mar 1926. They were both buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Adams County.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Ancestor Birthday - June 12th - Sabina Marsh - 1823 - 1897

This is a cropped section from a photo that I have posted at least twice before trying to identify it. I still am unsure if this is really Sabina, but my grandmother wrote on the back of the photo I have that it was Albertson grandparents, so those would be Benjamin and Sabina (Marsh) Albertson.

Sabina was my 2nd great grandmother. The information about much of her life is included on my website: Joanne's Genealogy:

She was included in the listing of "triple jump" ancestors I posted in August of 2014, born, married and died in different states. In that listing I showed that she was born in Ohio, was married in Indiana and died in Kansas. However that last part is not certain. The date for her death, 4 Oct 1897, is found in the Genealogy of the Bell Family. It indicates that she died in Jericho, Cedar County, Missouri. Earlier I had discounted that, but now I am not so sure. Her widower husband, Benjamin Albertson, was listed on the 1900 census in Jericho Springs, Cedar County, Missouri. Sabina's daughter, Elmina, was also in Cedar County, Missouri in 1900. Was Sabina living with or near Elmina when she died? Elmina's youngest child, William, was born 15 Mar 1897. He stated on his World War I Draft registration that he was born in Unionville, Missouri. That is located in Putnam County, in the north part of Missouri, and Cedar County is a number of miles farther south. Did the families move between March and October? It looks like more research needs to be done.

One granddaughter was named for Sabina, a daughter of her son Jesse. Since her name is rather unique in my database I am glad it was carried on at least once.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Remembering Some Falk Family Reunions

Although I attended a number of Falk Reunions as a child with my parents, it was in the 1980s when I began attending them as an adult. Since then I have been there almost every year. I was reviewing some of my photos from these reunions and realized that many of those pictured are now deceased. I am glad that I attended as many reunions as I did, so I had a chance to visit with these many relatives over the years.

The annual reunion is held in June so this is a good day to share a few photos of deceased members of the Falk family.

                                            1988 Dale and Delma (Falk) Drinkard

                                           1988 Nellie (Falk) and Kenneth Vannice

                                                     2000 Mary (Starnes) Campbell

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Researching Elizabeth as a Cousin

This is the second part of this article that I am repeating. I posted the first part yesterday, 9 Jun 2017.

When beginning my research in the 1980's, a cousin shared information that Elizabeth Stillwell was the daughter of William Stillwell and Martha ?. One of the members of the Cottage Grove Genealogical Society, Frances Quinn, a Stillwell descendant, was researching that family. She was willing to share some of her files with me. Among those papers was one which stated: Estate of William Stillwell, settled Apr 6, 1852, Jeff. Co. Heirs: John; James; Elizabeth, wife of George Bond; Jane, wife of Peter Wycoff; Polly, wife of Seth Whipple Hayes; Nancy; William; Joseph; Marian (Maria?). Petition asking for appointment of referees to set apart dower etc. Martha Stillwell vs heirs of William Stillwell June 19 & 25, 1851, first admitted. Apparently this paper had been supplied to the Stillwell Family Organization by a descendant of Polly and Seth Whipple Hayes, (Seth is also my 2nd great-granduncle.)

Since Elizabeth was said to be born in Kentucky I did a search on Ancestry's Kentucky Marriages 1802-1850 database for William Stil*, which found a William Stilwell who married Lelia Bond on 19 Sep 1820 in Henry County, Kentucky and a William Stillwell who married Selia Bond on 21 Sep 1820 in Shelby County, Kentucky. A cousin sent a copy of the marriage bond from Henry County and it stated that Lelia Bond was the daughter of Solomon Bond. Solomon Bond was also the father of John Bond, George's father. Was this William Stillwell the father of Elizabeth? Were George and Elizabeth cousins? Checking the Kentucky Marriages database again I discovered that there was only one marriage for a Stil*well in Henry County, but there were 17 in Shelby County between 1798 and 1825.

I chose to do some census research. Since William, Elizabeth's father, died in Jefferson County, Iowa in about 1851, I checked the 1850 census. The index done by Ancestry has many errors (for which I have now submitted some corrections.) There was only one Stillwell family in Jefferson County, Iowa in the 1850 census. William was shown as age 56 (birthdate about 1794) born in Kentucky. Also in the household were Martha age 48, born in Pennsylvania; Stephen age 22, born in Kentucky; Jane age 20, born in Indiana; Nancy age 16, born in Indiana; Wm age 13, born in Illinois; Joseph age 11, born in Illinois; Maria age 8, born in Iowa. Peter Wykoff, the future husband of Jane, was also living in their household.

Since John, James, Elizabeth and Polly who were listed on the estate paper were not in this household, I then checked for a marriage previous to 1850. Also, since the birthplaces of the children in 1850 census were Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa, the family apparently lived in all those places. It would appear they moved to Indiana between 1828 and 1830, then to Illinois between 1834 and 1837, and on to Iowa before 1842. The Iowa Marriages to 1850 database showed a marriage between Seth W. Hays and Polly Bond Stillwell in 1849 in Jefferson County, Iowa. The Illinois Marriages to 1850 database showed marriages in Edgar County for the following Stil(l)wells: George W. Bond to Elizabeth Stilwell in February 1838, William Stillwell to Martha Kirkpatrick in September 1841, Levi Houston to Ann B. Stilwell in September 1841 and John Stilwell to Mary Mathews in November 1844.

Since the son William was only 13 in 1850 the William who was married in 1841 seems to have been the father. Martha was the name of his wife in 1850, so this makes sense. Family researchers have posted the following information about Martha. Her maiden name was Hays and she was born in Pennsylvania. She married William Kirkpatrick about 1816. They moved to Edgar County, Illinois about 1828 and William Kirkpatrick died there in 1838 and she married William Stillwell in 1841. As the daughter Maria was born about 1842, she appears to be the only child from this marriage. Therefore all the other children would be from William's first marriage.

I believe that the William who is in Jefferson County, Iowa in 1850 is the same William who married the daughter of Solomon Bond in Henry/Shelby County, Kentucky in 1820. There is a William Stillwell in the 1840 census of Edgar County, Illinois and also one in the 1830 census of Montgomery County, Indiana. Debbie Monsive helped me with research in Montgomery County, Indiana, with a biographical sketch of a Stillwell living there whose father, Jeremiah Stillwell, had come from Shelby County, Kentucky, in 1826. It is my belief that Jeremiah and William are brothers, both sons of a John Stillwell who was living in Shelby County in 1820.

Another reason for this belief is that Polly Stillwell, the wife of Seth Whipple Hayes, had the middle name Bond, as shown on their marriage record.

But finally in October of 2010, I found another document. Ancestry had posted the U.S. Special Census on Deaf Family Marriages and Hearing Relatives, 1888-1895. Since Elizabeth's daughter, Sarah, was deaf and had married a deaf man, she was included on this Special Census. One of the questions to be answered by the wife was: Were your parents related before marriage? Sarah answered Yes. Then the form continued: If so, what relationship? Sarah answered 1st cousins.

Aunt Elizabeth was a 1st cousin to her husband, so also a 1st cousin to his brother, my 2nd great-grandfather, therefore she was my 1st cousin four times removed.  

Friday, June 9, 2017

Researching Elizabeth as an Aunt

Today I am repeating a story I wrote about Elizabeth (Stillwell) Bond back in 2011. It was published in our local Genealogical Society Publication, Trees From the Grove. Also there is a link on my website. Tomorrow I will post the second part of this story. 

Elizabeth Stillwell was found in my database quite early as she was the wife of my 2nd great- granduncle George Bond. Therefore I thought of her as my Aunt Elizabeth. She was interesting to me since she was one of the family members on the “Davis-Bond Wagon Train” which came to Oregon in 1853. Uncle George kept the daily journal for the trip. She and her husband George received a Donation Land Claim in Lane County Oregon. It was located across the Willamette River from current day Skinner's Butte Park.

Elizabeth was born 19 August 1821 in Kentucky. She was married to George W. Bond 22 Feb 1838 in Edgar County, Illinois. By 1840 they were enumerated on the census in Jefferson County, Iowa. They probably moved from Illinois at the same time as George's parents, John and Sarah Bond, who sold their land in May 1838. Elizabeth and George and their 5 children were listed on the 1850 census in Marion County, Iowa with both Benjamin and Sarah noted as deaf and dumb. George's occupation was preacher and there was no value listed in the real estate column.

Family information reported that she and George had 10 children:
William Harrison 1841
Benjamin Franklin 1843
Sarah A 1845
Amanda J 1847
James Madison 1849
All born in Iowa
John D 1855
Joseph A 1857
George Washington 1859
Mary E 1861
Charles 1863
All born in Lane County, Oregon
Later research at the Lane County Historical Museum revealed a document entitled “Rev. George W. Bond and Family.” It listed those ten children (showing Benjamin's birthdate as 1842) plus two more children:
Ellin Cardine 1840
Emily 1853
Since neither appeared on the U.S. Census Population Schedules it seems reasonable to assume that they died as infants or young children. However the 1854 Lane County Agricultural Census (page 35) listed 4 females in G. W. Bond's household so this would include Emily.

The 1860 census in Spencer Precinct, Lane County, Oregon, listed Elizabeth and George and 8 of their children. The oldest son, William, was a school teacher. Column 14 showed Benjamin as deaf and dumb and idiotic; Sarah as deaf and dumb; and Joseph as deaf and dumb and smart.

The next decade brought changes to their family household. The two youngest children were born. In 1864 Benjamin was committed to the State Insane Asylum which was located in Portland, over 100 miles from where Elizabeth lived. I wonder if she was ever able to visit him. George had been serving as pastor of the Eugene Baptist Church since 1858 and in 1867 a new building was erected, then in 1868 George resigned. By 1870 William, their oldest son, had moved to Powell Valley area in Multnomah County where he was employed as a school teacher. So on the 1870 census, 8 of the children were still at home.

Sometime about 1870 Sarah began attending the School for the Deaf in Salem, Oregon. Then more changes came after 1870, when Amanda was married in 1873 and Sarah was married in 1874 to a fellow student at the deaf school. 1880 was a pivotal year for Elizabeth. In January her husband of almost 44 years, died of heart trouble. Then her two youngest children died of typhoid fever, Charles in March and Mary in May. All three were buried in the IOOF Cemetery which had been established in Eugene in 1872, now known as Eugene Pioneer Cemetery. So when the 1880 census was taken in June, Elizabeth was the head of the household and four of her sons were living with her: James, John, Joseph and George. Her two married daughters with their families were listed on the next page.

In the next fifteen years, Elizabeth gained daughters-in-law. James married in 1887 and again in 1888 after his first wife died. William married for a second time in 1889 after his first wife of 16 years died. George was married in 1891 and John was married in 1892 in New York state.

At the time of her death in January 1895, Elizabeth was residing at the home of her daughter Amanda. She died at the age of 73 of a paralytic stroke. She was described in her obituary as an old lady, the widow of the late Rev. Bond, with several sons and daughters to mourn her. Her funeral was held at the Baptist Church and she also was buried in the IOOF Cemetery.