Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Falk Story By My Aunt

Some years ago at the Falk Reunion I requested that family members would write down some of their memories. My Aunt Lois did it for me and this is my typed version of her story.

"Two Damsels in Distress"
by Lois Lotspeich

I don't remember how old we were, but we were probably teenagers or at least Wilma must have been in her teens. Anyway, it sounds like something teenagers would enjoy doing. Our mother was in on it, too, and helped us with the planning or at least helped us with her advice. When she was younger and in good health she had a real sense of humor and enjoyed a good joke as much as we did, so we decided to go for it.

But how could we dress so our dad wouldn't recognize us? My mother had some outdated clothes (by our standards these days) in a trunk upstairs along with some other old keepsakes. (How Wilma and I used to enjoy going through that trunk when our parents would take an occasional trip into town with a horse and buggy in those days before automobiles became more plentiful. Since the trunk was sort of a "no-no" it made a trip through it even more enhancing and we discovered why it was on the "stand-off" list in going through it. We ran across some old love letters our dad had written to my mother during their courtship days. Curiosity killed the cat, you know, and we couldn't let it do that to us. We probably told her what we had done after we grew up. No wonder her black hair eventually turned to gray.)

Fortunately, we had a large house with several entrances and exits so there was no problem in getting outdoors in our stranger's attire after we were dressed for the occasion. We came down the stairway to the hallway, which had a door into the bedroom on one side and a doorway into the parlor on the other. We went through the parlor and out the doorway on the other side to get to the road without being seen and of course our mother was posted to make sure that our dad was detained should he make any moves that would give us away.

We came up the road, through the yard, and onto the steps and Wilma lightly knocked on the door. Of course, our mother made sure our dad answered the door.

Wilma, in her somewhat disguised and plaintiff voice told him how we had become stranded and where we were going and that we would very much like to spend the night there if they could accommodate us and then go on in the morning. He reluctantly said he didn't know whether it could be arranged but Wilma wasn't easily persuaded and in a much more distressed, almost pleading tone of voice seemed to come up very easily with persuasive arguments. Finally, he said he would talk to the "Mrs" so we patiently waited on the somewhat darkened doorstep. (No electric lights in those days to brighten the doorway out in the country where we lived, which was much to our advantage at this particular time.) When our dad came back he told us that they thought they could make room for us, so he asked us in and when we shed our disguises and became "Wilma and Lois" in our natural habitat, the surprised and embarrassed look on his face made all the careful planning well worth it.

Of course, he told our mother that he knew all the time who we were, but the evidence pointed very much to the contrary, when he came back to give us the good news that they could "put us up" for the night. Like Don Regan in the Iran-Contra hearings I would have given him an award for his acting had he known who we were. But if we could tell such big ones why couldn't he?

What a joy to have parents who can take a joke without becoming offended! No wonder I was such a happy, carefree and bubbly child. And Wilma with her lively imagination make life very interesting for me. But that opens a whole new can of worms. There aren't really such things as bogey men, are there?

Friday, September 29, 2017

Postcards From the Past

I so enjoy looking at the old postcards from my father's (Lester Albertson) collection. Most are from over 100 years ago. His birthday is coming up next week and I plan to share some of the birthday greetings he received. Today here are a few cards which have no special occasion written on the front of the card, but have such lovely flowers.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

1853 Relatives on the Oregon Trail

Yesterday I wrote about my 3rd gt-grandfather, Seth Hayes, who traveled the Oregon Trail in 1853. In March I wrote about his daughter, Huldah (Hayes) Bond, my 2nd gt-grandmother who was in that same wagon train. It was in February when I wrote about Seth's wife, Lydia (Jewett) Hayes, who naturally was also on that wagon train.

I feel very fortunate to have had access to a printed transcription of a diary kept by my 2nd gt-granduncle, George W. Bond from that trip from Iowa to Oregon in 1853. I made a digital transcription of the diary and posted it on my genealogy website: He used an account book and wrote one line per day. It mentioned only a few people, but many geographical features. I took his diary and maps of the known Oregon Trail and created my own 1853 Trail Map on a modern day map. I added quotes from the diary on the map also. I was also fortunate in that an agent along the trail at the Umatilla Agency made a listing of the people on the wagon trains who passed that way in 1853. Then it was printed in the Oregonian newspaper from Portland Oregon in October of 1853. The list has not been found, but the newspaper article is still available and an Oregon Trail researcher has published that list in a more easily read format. It gives the name of the head of household, if there was a wife and how many sons and how many daughters. The date showing my family's train, August 28, matched the entry in the diary. I was glad to find that the names also matched the family research I had done.

Here is a listing of the family members who traveled in that wagon train showing their name, year and state of birth and relationship.

John Bond
1797 - Kentucky
3rd gt-grandfather
Sarah (Chastain) Bond
1797 - Virginia
3rd gt-grandmother
William Bond
1816 - Kentucky
2nd gt-granduncle
Hannah (Hayes) Bond
1821 - Ohio
2nd gt-grandaunt
Seth Hayes Bond
1845 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
James Monroe Bond
1847 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Ebenezer Bond
1850 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Emma Augusta Bond
1853 - Oregon Trail
1st cousin 3 times removed
George W. Bond
1818 - Kentucky
2nd gt-granduncle
Elizabeth (Stillwell) Bond
1821 - Kentucky
1st cousin 4 times removed
William Harrison Bond
1841 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Benjamin Franklin Bond
1842 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Sarah A. Bond
1845 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Amanda J. Bond
1847 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
James Madison Bond
1849 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Solomon Bond
1819 - Kentucky
2nd gt-grandfather
Huldah (Hayes) Bond
1827 - Ohio
2nd gt-grandmother
Lydia Ann Bond
1843 - Iowa
William Henry Bond
1847 - Iowa
Mary Louisa Bond
1849 - Iowa
Susan Augusta Bond
1852 - Iowa
Isaac Silas Davis
1827 - Tennessee

Rebecca (Bond) Davis
1823 - Indiana
2nd gt-grandaunt
James Nelson Davis
1849 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Laura Ann Davis
1850 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Martha Luella Davis
1852 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Nelson Davis
1826 - Tennessee

Elizabeth (Bond) Davis
1830 - Illinois
2nd gt-grandaunt
Rebecca Ann Davis
1847 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
William A Davis
1849 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Albert Daniel Davis
1851 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Susan Olive Davis
1853 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Seth Hayes
c1785 - New York
3rd gt-grandfather
Lydia (Jewett) Hayes
1793 - New Hampshire
3rd gt-grandmother
Ebenezer Hayes
1829 - Ohio
2nd gt-granduncle
Sybil Ann Hayes
1831 - Ohio
2nd gt-grandaunt
Priscilla Hayes
1837 - Indiana
2nd gt-grandaunt
Reuben Jewett
1824 - Ohio

Lydia L (Hayes) Jewett
1824 - Ohio
2nd gt-grandaunt
Fernando Jewett
1852 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Seth Whipple Hayes
1825 - Ohio
2nd gt-granduncle
Polly (Stillwell) Hayes
1832 - Indiana
1st cousin 4 times removed
Daniel James Hayes
1850 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Seth Stephen Hayes
1852 - Iowa
1st cousin 3 times removed
Peter Wycoff
1831 - Ohio

Jane (Stillwell) Wycoff
c1830 - Indiana
1st cousin 4 times removed

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ancestor Unbirthday - abt 1785 - Seth Hayes

Seth Hayes was my 3rd gt-grandfather. I am uncertain about his date of birth, but when he filed for his Oregon donation land claim, he used 1785 and on the 1850 census for Locust Grove Township in Jefferson County Iowa his age was listed as 64 which would be an about 1785 birthdate. The 1830 census in Burton, Geauga County, Ohio showed Seth as between 40 and 50 so this fits a 1785 birthdate.

Where was Seth born? In his Oregon donation land claim papers Seth listed New York. On the 1850 census it showed his birthplace as New Hampshire. This was the same place that his wife was born, so maybe this caused an incorrect entry. A Hayes family history manuscript listed his birthplace as New York State, probably Stephantown, Albany County.

The same family history stated that his parents were Pliny and Priscilla (Whipple) Hayes. A county history for Geauga County Ohio said that Seth moved there in 1800 with his uncle, also named Seth Hayes, and his sister Hannah. Then Seth and his brother Ebenezer went back east in 1810 and brought their mother to Geauga County. The county history gives this notation about his father: "1st elopement in the Hayes family was her husband, Plynn Hayes, who prior to 1800, run off with a woman into the wilds of Pennsylvania."

While Seth was living in Geauga County, he enlisted in Captain Parkers Company of the Ohio Militia and served in the War of 1812. About 40 years later he received 40 acres of bounty land in Iowa.

He married Lydia Jewett, the daughter of Joseph and Huldah (Fenton) Jewett, 17 Dec 1818 in Geauga County. They lived in Burton township where 7 children were born: Huldah (died at age 3) Hannah, Lydia Louisa, Seth Whipple, Huldah (2nd child named Huldah and my 2nd gt-grandmother) Ebenezer and Sybil Ann. Before 1837 the family moved to Indiana where their youngest child, Priscilla, was born. The family moved to Jefferson County Iowa by 1840 and in 1853 the family left Iowa and traveled over the Oregon Trail to settle in Linn County Oregon in the area that later became the city of Halsey.

The 1860 US Census mortality schedule showed that Seth died in April of 1860 in Linn County Oregon. It listed his birthplace as Massachusetts (which was the probable birthplace of his father) and his age as 74, which again is a birthdate of about 1785.

One of the problems in researching Seth is that his gt-granddaughter. Ruby (Hayes) Standish, gave a WPA interview in 1940 and she gave incorrect information about the wives names, assigning Seth's mother as his wife and assigning Seth's wife to his son. Since these interviews have been published online it can be confusing to researchers. So we always need to verify information given in an oral history.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Trying to Transcribe - Deed from Samuel Nicholson to Abigail Albertson 1708 - Pt 2

Today is the remainder of the deed from yesterday. Samuel made it clear who would get the property if Abigail had no descendants who could inherit it. But in my post from day before yesterday I noted that Abigail had at least 8 children, which included my ancestor Aaron Albertson

In full and ample manner but if in that my daughter
Abigail Albertson should die and should leave no heir
that proceeds from her own line that should come to possess
the above mentioned Plantation or the one half of the
said tract of land above mentioned then I give the above
said Plantation unto my daughter Hannah Nicholson
and to her heirs forever in witness whereof I set my hand
this the 12th day of the 5th month 1708.
                                           Samuel Nicholson
                                           Eliz {her mark}Nicholson
Perquimans Jany the 11th 1708/9
the within deed acknowledge
in open court __
                 Geo Lumley Clk
Registered the 10th day Jany 1708/9 ___ John Stepney 
Register of writings for Perquimans precinct ___

Monday, September 25, 2017

Trying to Transcribe - Deed from Samuel Nicholson to Abigail Albertson 1708 - Pt 1

Yesterday I did the ancestor birthday of Abigail Nicholson, who married Nathaniel Albertson. I noted that her father Samuel Nicholson did not name her in his will. But he did name her as his daughter when he deeded property to her a few years after she was married. This is that deed.

Due to the handwriting it appears to be a copy made by the county from earlier records. This was available on from Perquimans County North Carolina records, deed book A, no. 285.

No. 285. To All People to whom these Presents shall come to be
seen heard or read I Samuel Nicholson of Perquimans
River in the County of Albemarle in the province
of North Carolina Send Greeting __ Know ye
that I the said Samuel Nicholson for and in Consi
=deration of the love and kindness that I bear unto
my Daughter Abigal Albertson I do give unto her
my Plantation that is at the River side with all
the Huses [sic] Edefices and buildings thereon being lying
upon the Easte side of Perquimans River to her in
hand delivered by me the said Samuel Nicholson
and further I have given granted aliened ____ conveyed
and confirmed and by these presents for me my heirs
Exec_ admi_ and assigns do fully freely and absolutely
give grant aline[sic] ______convey and confirm unto my
daughter Abigail Albertson to her heirs provided that she
hath or shall have any Children that shall come to
the years of discression for to possess the above said
Plantation or tract of Land above mentiond that is
to say that part of the said tract of Land lying next
to Ezekiel Modlens line but that part whereon Ann
Dorman doth live that she may Peasibly possess during
her natural life and after the discease of the above said
Ann Dorman then for my daughter Abigail Albertson
to have the one half of the above said tract of Land
containing two hundred acres of Land to her and her
heirs forever with all houses, orchards and _____ previl
=leges that doth thereunto belong whose all accounts

posted 25 Sep 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Ancestor Birthday - September 24 - Abigail Nicholson - 1689

Abigail Nicholson was my 7th gt-grandmother, the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Kent) (Charles) Nicholson. She was born 24 Sep 1689 in Perquimans County North Carolina. It was in the 5th month (July) 1705 when she married Nathaniel Albertson in a Quaker ceremony. The record from Perquimans Monthly Meeting stated that it was a meeting at her fathers. Here is a copy from the original records. You can see why I prefer to use the abstracts done by Gwen Boyer Bjorkman, as published by Heritage Books, 1988

The Quaker records as abstracted in William Wade Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol I for North Carolina, listed 8 children for Abigail and Nathaniel: Sarah, Elizabeth, Aaron, Jane, Joshua, Hannah Lydia and William, born between 1706 an 1724.

Bjorkman's book of Quaker Marriage Certificates showed Abigail Albertson (with various spellings) as a witness for the marriage of 3 of her sisters: Jane in 1712, Elizabeth in 1719 and Hannah in 1721. She was also a witness for her daughter Elizabeth's marriage in 1725.

Abigail was not listed in her father's will from 22 Mar 1727/28, so it is likely she died before that date and after 1725 when she was a witness for her daughter's marriage. Someone has posted an entry on Find A Grave for her, listing her death date as 1727.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

6 Falk Brothers Came to Oregon

This photo was taken about 1926. The 6 brothers are from left to right: Charles 1854-1928; Julius 1880-1944; Leonard 1860-1943; Theodore 1876-1930; Conrad 1865-1942; and Albert 1867-1945. I found it interesting that Charles and Theodore died within 2 years of each other and the other 4 died from 1942 to 1945, 1 each year.

All 6 arrived in Oregon between 1900 and 1910 and appeared on the 1910 census in either Linn or Marion Counties. So far, I have been able to locate 24 of their children living in Oregon on the 1940 census. It would be interesting to know how many of their descendants still live in Oregon.

Friday, September 22, 2017

100 More Days

Today is the first day of Fall, 22 Sep 2017. After today there are 100 more days this year. That means 100 more blog posts to write every day. Will I continue to write every day in 2018? Who knows, you will just have to wait and see.

What are my plans for the coming 100 days?
  • I plan to continue writing about an ancestor on their birthday.
  • I plan to write about some of my ancestors where I am not sure when their birthday is.
  • I plan to write some more cousin entries.
  • I plan to do some more transcriptions.
  • I plan to post some more "old" family photos.
  • Maybe I will do something I haven't thought of yet.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ancestor Birthday - September 21 - Lafayette Pierce Smalley 1858 - 1946

Lafayette Pierce Smalley was my gt-grandfather, born 21 Sep 1858 in Adams County, Ohio. He was the son of John Wilson and Rachel Ann (Hemphill) Smalley. I have written about him more than once during the past year. I generally use the name Lafe for him.

He was included in most of the census series which I did in July. When I looked again at his census listings, I found that he has probably the most listings where I found him in a census than any other of my ancestors. He was in 8 U.S. Censuses: 1860 in Adams County Ohio; 1870 in Clinton County Ohio; 1880 in Saline County Nebraska; 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940 in Sherman County Kansas. Plus he was in 5 State Censuses: 1885 in Saline County Nebraska and 1895, 1905, 1915, and 1925 in Sherman County Kansas. That totals 13 times I have found him in a census listing. His wife Rosa Ella Shipman would tie him, except she was born after 1860, so was only in 7 U.S. Censuses. She was in all 5 State Censuses with him and was probably in the 1865 census in Mercer County Illinois with her parents, but that census did not name the members of the household, but only gave a count, so I can't be positive it was her.

I have posted a couple of photos of him as an individual (11 Jul 2017) one where he was with his parents and siblings (6 Aug 2017) one where he was with his wife and children (7 Aug 2017) and another with family when he was visiting in Oregon in 1944 (7Aug 2017).

I did find a photo that I had not previously posted. It was taken in 1940 when some of the Oregon family visited back in Kansas. It is a 4 generation photo: back row, Lester (Lafe's grandson) and Wilma (Falk) Albertson, O. J. and Lucie (Smalley) (Lafe's daughter) Albertson; front row, Lafe Smalley, Joanne Albertson (Lafe's gt-granddaughter) and Rosa Ella (Shipman) Smalley.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Treasured Memories From the Past -- Three Albertsons

This is my father, Lester Albertson born 1907, his younger sister Vida Albertson born 1910 and his older sister Buena Albertson born 1904. This would be after they had moved to the Halsey Oregon area in 1911.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trying to Transcribe--From Probate File of Stephen Scoval - 1813

This was an important find for me as it shows that my 3rd gt-grandmother, Lucy How(e) was the daughter of Ichabod How and an heir to Stephen Scoval.

Stephen Scovil's | An Inventory of the estate of Mr Stephen Scoval, late
           Inventory | of Cornwall, in the Probate District of Litchfield, _______
about 236 acres of land, in Cornwall, with the welling House
  Barn & other building thereon at                                    $3852.00
Amount of personal estate as per inventory on file           825.10
March 16th, 1813                                                                  $4677.10
                          taken by Oliver Burnham appraisers on
                                         Noah Rogers _________

At the same time Ichabod How, Administrator on the estate of the sd
Stephen Scovel decd and Father of Levi How, Thirza How, Luman N. How,
Lucy How, all minors under the age of twenty one years represented to
this court that said children are Heirs at Law to a part of the estate
of the sd Stephen Scovel decd & thereupon on motion of the sad
Ichabod, & on due consideration this court did appoint the sd Ichabod
How guardian to take charge of the estate of the sd minor children
which hath descended to them as aforesaid agreeable to the statutes in
such case provided - an the said Ichabod, as principal, Daniel
Harrison as his surety became bound to this court in four separate ______
bonds each of the sum of $1000. to secure the faithful & legal per-
formance of the duties of sd trusts, as per bonds on file.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Knowing Cousins You Did Not Know Were Cousins

This past weekend I attended a seminar for area churches and one of the attendees said, "Hi, Cousin." She is one of my 3rd cousins. I had known her for many years before I discovered that we were related.

How did I find the relationship? It was a few years ago through DNA. We both had tested at Family Tree DNA. When I looked at my results, I saw her name near the top of my matches, marked as 2nd to 4th cousin. Could it possibly be the person I already knew? How would I find out?

While I was at our local genealogical library which has a large collection of local newspaper, I was looking for something else and I happened to see a notice of her marriage. There it gave the name of her parents. So then I used the public family trees on to see if anyone had submitted that father. There I found her parents and her mother's maiden name was the same as my gt-grandmother's maiden name. When I checked the tree farther, I found that we shared 2nd gt-grandparents, so we were 3rd cousins.

I wanted to tell her what I had discovered, so I sent an e-mail. No answer came. I later discovered they did not have a working computer at the time. I knew her brother-in-law and he was able to give me her telephone number, so I called her and related the news that we were related. It took her awhile to understand how, but now she did know that we were cousins.

It does pay to check those DNA matches because you may find local relatives.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Ancestor Birthday - September 17 - Mary Tonge - 1656- 1728

Mary Tonge was my 8th gt-grandmother, born on 17 Sep 1656 or 1657, in New London, Connecticut. She was the daughter of George and Margery Tonge. A New England history stated that George was an early settler in New London and about the time of Mary's birth he was chosen to keep an inn there. He purchased land along the Thames River and it was called the most noted inn in the town. So apparently Mary grew up there with at least 2 older sisters, Elizabeth and Hannah, and a younger brother, George.

When she was 19 or 20, on 6 Nov 1676 she married John Wickwire, a veteran of King Philip's War. They lived in the northern section of the town of New London and in 1786 it was incorporated as a separate town named Montville.

Mary and John had at least 7 children: George, Christopher (my 7th gt-grandfather), John, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Peter and Ann. Some researchers add an 8th child, Phebe. Find A Grave listed Mary's death date as 6 Apr 1728 in Montville. She was buried in Chapman Cemetery, Montville, New London County, Connecticut.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Ancestor Birthday - September 16 - Lucy Irene Howe - 1811- 1882

Yesterday I wrote about an ancestor who lived in Wallingford, Connecticut, Jeremiah Howe. Today it is his 2nd gt-granddaughter, who was my 3rd gt-grandmother, that I intend to write about, Lucy Irene Howe. Lucy didn't live in Wallingford. She was born in the town of Cornwall, Litchfield County, Connecticut, 16 Sep 1811 to Ichabod and Irene (Scovill) Howe.

Lucy was just 2 years old when her mother Irene died. Irene died just a few days after her father. She was listed in his will, so Lucy was entitled to that inheritance from her grandfather and her father filed papers with the probate court to be appointed guardian for her. It was there I learned who her parents were and so gained a large number of Connecticut relatives. Lucy had an older sister and 2 older brothers. Her father remarried sometime before the 1820 census, so she grew up with a step-mother.

Lucy married Timothy Chase on New Years Eve, 31 Dec 1832, in Cornwall. She and Timothy had 8 children, 3 girls and 5 boys. The family did not stay put. They were in Sharon, Connecticut in the 1840 census and were in Goshen, Connecticut for the 1850 census. Then they moved to Ohio and were in Leroy township Lake County in the 1860 census. But they didn't stay in Ohio and were in Illinois in Rivoli township, Mercer County for the 1870 census. There was at least one more move to Nebraska. Her husband had settled on homestead land in Atlanta Township, Saline County, but died 5 Jul 1877 before finishing his claim, so it was patented to Lucy, as his widow. Lucy was living with her youngest son and his family on the 1880 census there in Nebraska. She died 10 Mar 1882 and we believe both she and Timothy, her husband, were buried in Atlanta Cemetery, Atlanta Township, Saline County, Nebraska.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Ancestor Birthday - September 15 - Jeremiah Howe - 1675 - 1749

It was in February when I wrote about ancestors who lived in Wallingford, Connecticut. Now it is time to write about it again.

Jeremiah Howe, my 7th gt-grandfather, was born 15 Sep 1675 in the town of Wallingford, Connecticut, the son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Peck) Howe. I have 4 Jeremiah Howes in a row on my pedigree chart and this Jeremiah is number 2 going back. Reading the Barbour collection of vital records for Wallingford can get quite confusing with so many Jeremiahs.

Between 1700 and 1710 there were a number of marriages and deaths of wives for Jeremiah and his father. I will call them Jeremiah Sr and Jr to try to help keep them straight. I am not convinced that the Howe genealogy written by Daniel Wait Howe and published in 1929 has all of them correctly identified, but I will use their record.

Jeremiah Sr's first wife Elizabeth died before Dec 1701 because he married Elizabeth Culver then. This 2nd Elizabeth died 17 Jun 1703. A year later, Jeremiah Jr married Judith Cook, daughter of Samuel and Hope (Parker) Cook 20 Jun 1704. It was 9 Apr 1705 when Jeremiah Sr married widow Mary Cook. Jeremiah Jr's wife Judith died 20 Mar 1708 and about six months later on 7 Sep 1708 he married a Mary Cook.

Jeremiah Jr and his wives had at least 5 children including one named Jeremiah. From the Barbour collection we learn that Jeremiah Sr died 22 Sep 1740 at age 90 and his son died 9 years later, 22 Sep 1749 "in the 75th yr of his age." My 7th gt-grandfather had just past his 74th birthday, so he was in his 75th year. They both died in Wallingford.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

My DNA Statistics from

Yesterday I presented a talk at our local genealogical society, Cottage Grove Genealogical Society, about Working with Ancestry DNA Results. As part of that presentation, I showed how my number of matches had increased over the past 6 months.

March 2017
9 August 2017
6 September 2017
Shared Ancestor Hints
Starred matches
4th Cousins or Closer
DNA Circles

The starred matches are marked by me, so that is my own doing. I mark those who I believe I know how they are related to me.

The others are calculated by Ancestry. Both Shared Ancestor Hints and DNA Circles require that my DNA matches also have a tree that matches mine and they have linked their DNA results to their tree. You can see that those numbers are not increasing all that rapidly.

The 4th Cousins or Closer numbers are strictly from the amount of DNA that we match. These numbers do continue to go up. As of today, that number is 1277. My total matches including more distant cousins are a little over 37,000. That is way too many to try to work with.

My major goal for working with DNA matches is to make cousin connections so we can share and compare information, sometimes including photos. Having over 100 shared ancestor hints gives me lots of opportunities to try to connect with cousins, so it is now up to me to do that.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Treasured Memories From the Past - Photo of My Mother and Her Sister

This is one of my favorite photos of my mother, Wilma Anna (Falk) Albertson, and her sister, Lois Verl (Falk) Lotspeich. I actually have two copies, both printed on postcards. One has the notation on the back that Wilma was age 7 and Lois was age 4, so since Wilma was born in 1912 and Lois in 1915, the year would be 1919.

The first copy I received from a 2nd cousin from the John Falk family in Iowa, Luella (Bleich) Cherland, before she died in 1998. She sent it with some other photos that she said none of her family wanted. When I opened the box and saw this one, I cried, it was so lovely. Then later I received some of the photos from my grandmother's collection, and here was a second copy of the same photo.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Comparing Birthplace and Deathplace Pedigree Charts

On 26 March 2016 I posted a birthplace pedigree chart for myself. Now I am reposting that chart and also a deathplace pedigree chart, so you can compare the places and get an idea where my ancestors moved between birth and death.

Birthplace Chart

Deathplace Chart

Monday, September 11, 2017

Trying to Transcribe - Will of Ludwig Falk, Pt. 2

This is continuing the will of Ludwig Falk, my gt-grandfather, which I began day before yearterday, 9 Sep 2017. I took time out to celebrate Grandparents Day.

Gutknecht on the 21st day of June 1893 and the
assignment of said mortgage deed duly recorded
in the Register of Deeds Office at Dodgeville Iowa
County on the 26th day of June 1893 at 11 1/2 o'clock A.M.
in vol. 29 of mortgages on page 424. To have and to hold
the said notes and mortgage deed and all moneys
that may be paid on the said notes from time to time
either as interest or principal or both by the said
Rienhold Manske or his legal representatives, executors,
or administrators until the said notes and interest
thereon are fully paid, to her own use benefit and
behalf during the term of her natural life.

Third     I hereby make, constitute and appoint my
said wife Anna Louise Falk sole executrix of this
my last will and testament and I do hereby authorize
and empower her with all powers and authority
sufficient to carry out the provisions of this my
said will, and I desire and it is my will that my
said executrix be not required to furnish the bond
required by law of executors and administrators.

              In witness whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and seal this 23rd day of May A.D. 1895
                               Ludwig X Falk {seal}

[On side of paper]
Witnesses: H. P. Dietrich
                  Reinhold Hinz
                  Albert Grindman

Sunday, September 10, 2017

This Is Grandparents Day

Back in 2013 I wrote about my grandmothers for a booklet of childhood memories, so I will share that today.

While I was growing up I had three grandmas: Grandma Albertson, Grandma Falk and Great-grandma Smalley.

Grandma Lucie Rachel (Smalley) Albertson.
When I was born, my family lived on the farm which was rented by my Grandpa Albertson. Grandpa and Grandma Albertson lived in the bigger house and my folks and I lived in the smaller house. I have some every early memories of going to Grandma's house (just across the yard) and sitting on her lap. When I was about 7 my grandparents moved to Eugene and my family, including my younger brother, moved into the bigger house. Grandpa and Grandma lived on Columbia Street on the eastern side of Eugene. My aunt and uncle lived next door to them. Since Eugene was about 30 miles away we did not visit too often. There were two things I remember about visiting Grandma. She had a large salt and pepper shaker collection. I did enjoy looking at all of them. Eventually I would inherit them after her death and discovered that there were about 150 pair. The second one was that there always seemed to be orange slices in her candy dish and she would let us each have one.

Grandma Florence Edna (Bond) Falk
Grandma Falk lived closer to us, but we still did not visit too often. One of the things that I found fascinating about her house was that when I was young she had a rain barrel next to her back porch. Also she had a pump organ that was kept in a part of the house that generally was closed. Since I started taking piano lessons in the third grade I thought it was really fun to get to try to play the organ. But a special thing at her house was a room, which I remember as being next to the living room, where there was a box of toys. It was there for us to play with when we were visiting Grandma and was kept put away until one of the grandchildren came to visit again.

Great-grandma Rosa Ella (Shipman) Smalley
My Great-grandma Smalley lived in Kansas. When I was about 10 months old my family took a trip to Kansas. I can remember seeing the picture of me with my Great-grandma along with my parents and Albertson grandparents. Also there was a picture with her and two of my second cousins who were about the same age. In 1995 we had a Smalley family reunion in Kansas and I got a picture of me with the same cousins. Great-grandma would write letters to our family and according to one of my first cousins she and great-grandpa came to visit us in Oregon when I was about 5 or 6, but sadly I don't remember that. I do remember that when I was in high school my Dad had to make to trip to Kansas and my great-grandma was still alive. He took a picture of her with his movie camera and I really enjoyed seeing that of her at age ninety. She died a few months later.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Trying to Transcribe - Will of Ludwig Falk, Pt. 1

This will of Ludwig Falk, my gt-grandfather, apparently was never probated. He wrote it about 3 1/2 years before he died. He left a bequest to his wife, but nothing was given to his children. He probably made some other arrangements for anything he wanted to be given to them. It was because of this will that I first had to learn about the word town meaning township in the state of Wisconsin.

Last Will and Testament of Ludwig Falk

          I, Ludwig Falk of the town of Pulaski
county of Iowa and State of Wisconsin, being of
sound and disposing mind and memory, and
mindful of the frailties, and uncertainties of human
life, do make publish and declare this to be my last
will and testament.
First   It is my will that no part of the amount
hereinafter mentioned is to be used to pay my
funeral expense, debts or any other charges, as I
have made ample and sufficient provision for the
aforesaid purposes.
Second   I give, grant, devise and bequeath unto my
beloved wife Anna Louise all of the following described
perposal property To Wit: the sum of six hundred
(600) Dollars, consisting of six certain promissory
notes, with interest at the rate of seven per cent per
annum and secured by a mortage deed of ____date.
Said notes and mortgage deed being executed by Rienhold
Manske and Wilhemina Manske his wife to Charles
F. Gutknecht and dated the 26th day of March 1892
and recorded in the office of Register of Deeds for Iowa
County the 5th day of April 1892 at 11 3/4 o'clock A.M.
in volume 31 of mortgages on page 148.
Said notes made payable in six years from date and
were duly and legally assigned over to me together with
the said mortgage deed by the said Charles F.

On side of paper:
Witnesses: H. P. Dietrich
Reinhold Hinz
Albert Grindman

Friday, September 8, 2017

Back to School -- Who Was in Grandaunt Lake's Class?

Day before yesterday, 6 Sep 2017, I posted a photo of my gt-grandmother Rosa's school class in Sherman County Kansas in 1897 or 1898. Today I have a photo of my grandmother Lucie Smalley's sister, Lake Smalley with a class she taught in 1908.

The names were provided with only the first name, so I can guess at some of them and am quite confident about the Smalley siblings that Lake had in her class. I did check the 1910 census and the non-Smalley names had a child of approximately the right age with that first name, so my guesses may be accurate also. If anyone can correct me, please do so.

back row: Ollie Kipps, Hattie Shipman, Grace Sigman, Anna Kipps, Lake Smalley, Bessie Kipps, Marvin Smalley.
front row: Lauren Smalley, Julia Smalley, Chester Shipman, Laurene Smalley.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ancestor Birthday - September 7 - Elias Marsh 1788 - 1871

My 3rd gt-grandfather, Elias Marsh, was born 7 Sep 1788 in Woodbridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey, the son of Elias and Martha (FitzRandolph) Marsh. From the post I made on 21 Jun 2017 about the children of his parents, I concluded that Elias was the 2nd child of 7.

Their family moved to Ohio in 1806 as indicated in the Quaker records of Salem Monthly Meeting in Columbiana County. It was in 1810 that Elias married his 1st wife, Edith Townsend, who was the mother of all his known children. Since there are not census records for 1790 or 1800 for most of New Jersey nor for 1810 for most of Ohio, the first census record for Elias is in 1820. I believe he is listed in Columbiana County in Hanover Township as Elias Marsh, age 26-45, with 1 female age 26-45, 2 females under 10 and 3 males under 10. These children correspond well with his known children: Robert b.1811, Martha b.1812, William b.1817, Lydia b.1818 and Jesse b.1820.

Apparently Elias was considered a member of the New Garden Monthly Meeting in Columbiana County, when it was formed in 1808. Then in 1822 Elias, Edith and their 5 children transferred to Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting, still in Columbiana County. While there 3 more children were born: Sabina b.1823 (my 2nd gt-grandmother), Fanny b.1827, and Joseph b.1830.

In 1834 the family moved to Indiana. Elias received 80 acres from cash entry in Brandywine Township in Hancock County Indiana in 1835. Apparently he moved to Blue River Township in the same county in 1837 as the U.S. records show he purchased 280 acres there. A local history for that township stated that Elias erected a tile factory on his land.

Elias became a widower when his wife Edith died 5 Aug 1837, as recorded in the minutes of the Walnut Ridge Monthly Meeting. It also recorded Elias' 2nd marriage 24 Apr 1839 to widow Elizabeth (Hawkins) Boyd. She died about 1844 or 45 and Elias married for a 3rd time to another widow, Margaret (Reynard) Osborn. His son, Jesse, married Margaret's daughter Catherine, and the 1850 census shows Elias, now age 63, and Margaret living in the household of Jesse and Catherine and their children. Elias again became a widower in 1866 when Margaret died. He and Margaret were living alone on the 1860 census and he was by himself on the 1870 census.

Elias died 9 Feb 1871 and was buried at Westland Friends Church Cemetery, in Hancock County, Indiana.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Back to School - Who Was In Gt-grandmother Rosa's Class?

I enjoyed looking at this picture from my father's collection. Gt-grandmother Rosa (Shipman) Smalley was the teacher and I recognized my grandmother, Lucie Smalley, as one of the students. However, someone, I don't remember who, provided names for all those in this photo.

back row: Jay Shipman, Ralph Smalley, Edd Wilson, Rosa Smalley, Ellery Wilson, May Wilson, Cecile Sigman
middle row: Bill Kipps, Arthur Sigman, Frank Sigman, Lucie Smalley, Mart Shipman, Bessie Kipps
front row: Celia Smalley, Clayton Shipman, Gertie Kipps, Lillie Wilson, Lake Smalley

I don't know the date this photo was taken, but can give a guess by knowing when each of the Smalley children was born: Ralph - 1884, Lucie - 1886, Lake - 1890, Celia - 1892. From yesterday's post we know Rosa had a certificate to teach at least from 1894 to 1899. If Celia started school at 6, it would be 1898. But since her mother was the teacher, maybe they let her start at age 5 which would date the photo as 1897. So I think probably 1897 or 1898 is the correct date.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Back to School - Gt-grandmother Rosa Was a School Teacher

My cousin Bob Smalley shared these documents with me over 20 years ago. It's fun to see the "grades" my gt-grandmother Rosa (Shipman) Smalley received when she took the teacher examinations to get her certificate in Sherman County Kansas. There is one issued in 1894, one in 1895 and another in 1897. The third grade certificate lasted 1 year, the second grade ones lasted 2 years.