Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Marriage places for 3rd Great-Grandparents

I read the post from Randy Seaver on Geneamusings for the Saturday Night Fun about publishing a map of my travels and/or mapping where ancestors lived or were married.

I would have to do a certain amount of thinking to create a travels map, but I could produce of map of where some of my ancestors were married. I didn't get this completed on Saturday night, but did have fun working on it.

Twenty-four of my 3rd Great-Grandparents were married in the United States, so I created the following map with the following legend for those twelve marriage:
  1. red for 1 marriage (Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina)
  2. amber for 2 marriages (Indiana)
  3. blue for 5 marriages (Ohio)
After I made the map I was a little surprised to see how close together they were.