Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sarah Bond and Preston Murphy wedding day

Sarah Bond was the daughter of my 2nd great grand uncle, George W. Bond. You can read about her on my website:
Last week while researching on Genealogy Bank historical newspapers, I found the notice of Sarah's marriage to P. H. Murphy as published in the Oregon State Journal, Eugene, Oregon. It said:
MARRIED.  On June 21st 1874, at the residence of G. W. Bond near Eugene City, by N. Hull, J. P., Mr. P. H. Murphy of Monmouth, Polk Co, and Miss Sarah A. Bond of Lane Co., Oregon, both deaf mutes.
Near the end of April I wrote about Sarah's  brother Joseph who was also deaf and mentioned Sarah there.
I wonder how it made Sarah feel to have the newspaper list that fact in the account of her marriage.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Elizabeth Jewett and Francis Nelson Wedding Day

Elizabeth Jewett, my 1st cousin 9 times removed, was married on the 6th of June 1716 in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts to Francis Nelson.  You can read a little about her on my website:
I began considering the math of her life. This was the second marriage for both Elizabeth and Francis. When Elizabeth was married for the first time to Isaac Platts in 1704, she was 26 years old. When Isaac died in 1711 she was a few days short of age 33 and had three daughters ages 5 1/2, almost 3 and 9 months. It was 5 years before she remarried to Francis Nelson, who had 5 children from his first marriage, 3 boys and 2 girls. His oldest was just 12 1/2 when Francis and Elizabeth married and hers was 10 1/2. So their household had 8 children. It was a little less than 4 years later when Francis died in March 1719/20. He named Elizabeth and his 5 children in his will. Apparently Elizabeth lived as a widow for the remainder of her life, 42 years, as she died in 1762 at age 84.
Then I wondered if Elizabeth had any descendants. The book, Early Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts, shows that her 3 daughters had all married. I chose to check Roots Web World Connect project to see if anyone had posted family information. I found that the "Treadwell family" had 2 daughters listed with 5 generations of descendants totaling 598 individuals. Many of these lived in Massachusetts, New Brunswick and Maine. So yes, Elizabeth did have descendants.