Saturday, September 9, 2017

Trying to Transcribe - Will of Ludwig Falk, Pt. 1

This will of Ludwig Falk, my gt-grandfather, apparently was never probated. He wrote it about 3 1/2 years before he died. He left a bequest to his wife, but nothing was given to his children. He probably made some other arrangements for anything he wanted to be given to them. It was because of this will that I first had to learn about the word town meaning township in the state of Wisconsin.

Last Will and Testament of Ludwig Falk

          I, Ludwig Falk of the town of Pulaski
county of Iowa and State of Wisconsin, being of
sound and disposing mind and memory, and
mindful of the frailties, and uncertainties of human
life, do make publish and declare this to be my last
will and testament.
First   It is my will that no part of the amount
hereinafter mentioned is to be used to pay my
funeral expense, debts or any other charges, as I
have made ample and sufficient provision for the
aforesaid purposes.
Second   I give, grant, devise and bequeath unto my
beloved wife Anna Louise all of the following described
perposal property To Wit: the sum of six hundred
(600) Dollars, consisting of six certain promissory
notes, with interest at the rate of seven per cent per
annum and secured by a mortage deed of ____date.
Said notes and mortgage deed being executed by Rienhold
Manske and Wilhemina Manske his wife to Charles
F. Gutknecht and dated the 26th day of March 1892
and recorded in the office of Register of Deeds for Iowa
County the 5th day of April 1892 at 11 3/4 o'clock A.M.
in volume 31 of mortgages on page 148.
Said notes made payable in six years from date and
were duly and legally assigned over to me together with
the said mortgage deed by the said Charles F.

On side of paper:
Witnesses: H. P. Dietrich
Reinhold Hinz
Albert Grindman

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