Saturday, September 16, 2017

Ancestor Birthday - September 16 - Lucy Irene Howe - 1811- 1882

Yesterday I wrote about an ancestor who lived in Wallingford, Connecticut, Jeremiah Howe. Today it is his 2nd gt-granddaughter, who was my 3rd gt-grandmother, that I intend to write about, Lucy Irene Howe. Lucy didn't live in Wallingford. She was born in the town of Cornwall, Litchfield County, Connecticut, 16 Sep 1811 to Ichabod and Irene (Scovill) Howe.

Lucy was just 2 years old when her mother Irene died. Irene died just a few days after her father. She was listed in his will, so Lucy was entitled to that inheritance from her grandfather and her father filed papers with the probate court to be appointed guardian for her. It was there I learned who her parents were and so gained a large number of Connecticut relatives. Lucy had an older sister and 2 older brothers. Her father remarried sometime before the 1820 census, so she grew up with a step-mother.

Lucy married Timothy Chase on New Years Eve, 31 Dec 1832, in Cornwall. She and Timothy had 8 children, 3 girls and 5 boys. The family did not stay put. They were in Sharon, Connecticut in the 1840 census and were in Goshen, Connecticut for the 1850 census. Then they moved to Ohio and were in Leroy township Lake County in the 1860 census. But they didn't stay in Ohio and were in Illinois in Rivoli township, Mercer County for the 1870 census. There was at least one more move to Nebraska. Her husband had settled on homestead land in Atlanta Township, Saline County, but died 5 Jul 1877 before finishing his claim, so it was patented to Lucy, as his widow. Lucy was living with her youngest son and his family on the 1880 census there in Nebraska. She died 10 Mar 1882 and we believe both she and Timothy, her husband, were buried in Atlanta Cemetery, Atlanta Township, Saline County, Nebraska.

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