Friday, June 8, 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – 23 – Going to the Chapel

This theme makes me think of the song, Chapel of Love, that came out in 1964. I didn't realize then that the man I started dating in 1964, Harry E. Skelton, and I would be going to the “Chapel of Promise” eight years later to get married. We were married for 26 ½ happy years before Harry died in 1999.

This chapel was in Reno, Nevada. Today I looked it up in the 1971 Reno City Directory which is online at The address was 495 Keystone. So then I looked at the “street view” on Google maps. The chapel is no longer there, as other businesses, such as Radio Shack and Cashco, have taken its place.

Since I couldn't show a picture of the chapel itself, I am posting one of our wedding photos, which took place inside the chapel.

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  1. Beautiful memory, thank you for sharing 💗🌸