Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Death Certificates From the Past – Conrad Falk and Albert Falk

These are the death certificates for two more of my grandfather's brothers who died in Oregon.

They died about 2 ½ years apart: Conrad on Christmas Day 1942 and Albert in June of 1945. My grandfather died in-between them, in 1944. Their death certificates show that they both had lived in Oregon for over 30 years and were living in Marion County when they died. I noticed that they were almost the same age when they died. Conrad was 77 years, 11 months and 10 days old, while Albert was 78 years, 1 month and 19 days, so that is just a little over 2 months difference. I find it interesting to investigate the many pieces of information you can find on death certificates.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ancestor Birthday – November 21st - Solomon Bond 1819-1900

This photo, identified as Solomon Bond, was shared with me by my cousin, Dave Howard. Many thanks to him for sharing a number of photos from the Bond family.

Solomon Bond was my 2nd gt-grandfather. He was born 21 Nov 1819 in Henry County Kentucky, the son of John and Sarah (Chastain) Bond. After living in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa (where he married Huldah Hayes) Solomon traveled the Oregon Trail in 1853 and settled in Linn County Oregon where he died 18 Feb 1900. Since this was before the census was taken that year, he does not appear on the 1900 census. He was buried at the Halsey Pioneer Cemetery.

There is a fairly complete entry for him on my website:

There are also previous posts here on my blog which mention him.
28 Sep 2017 He was one of my 1853 relatives on the Oregon Trail.
28 Jul 2017 He was one of my Diamond Aged Ancestors, as he lived to age 80.
22 Jul 2017 He was listed on the 1850 Census.
21 Jul 2017 He was listed on the 1860 Census.
20 Jul 2017 He was listed on the 1870 Census.
19 Jul 2017 He was listed on the 1880 Census.
26-28 Jun 2017 His will was transcribed.
22 Mar 2017 His location was listed for 1849.
24 Feb 2017 A map showed his Oregon Donation Land Claim compared to his wife's relatives.
17 Aug 2014 He was listed as one of my ancestors who came to Oregon.
04 Aug 2014 He was listed as a Triple Jump Ancestor, born, married, died in different states.
18 Feb 2014 He was included as a Bond relative born or died on 18 Feb.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Mystery Photo - #7

Here is the mystery photo for today, 20 Nov 2017

This is an unidentified photo from my father's, (Lester Albertson) collection. I believe it was originally from his mother's photos, Lucie (Smalley) Albertson. Some of the surnames from her family include Smalley, Shipman, Hemphill and Chase. But she also may have collected photos from the Albertson family.

It is quite small, the image about 1.35 inches by 1.85 inches, pasted onto cardboard about 2.85 inches by 3.5 inches.

On the back of the photo the following is handwritten:
20 – 1903
Canton Ill
From H.M.J.
Cuba Illinois

I checked Wikipedia and found that Canton now has a population of about 14,000 and it is the largest city in Fulton County. Cuba is also in Fulton County and its current population is about 1200. I don't know who lived in those towns in Illinois, so if it rings a bell for anyone, please let me know.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Death Certificates From the Past – Leonard and Katherine (Drone) Falk

Here is the post for today, November 19th. Leonard is one of my grandfather's older brothers. He was born in Grant County Wisconsin and died in Mt Angel area, Marion County Oregon. His wife Katherine was also born in Grant County Wisconsin and died in Albany area, Linn County Oregon.

You may notice that Leonard's wife is listed as Dorothy. That was his second wife. Katherine died almost 30 years before Leonard did, however she was the mother to all of his children.

Death Certificates From the Past – Paulina (Falk) Seefeld and Anna (Seefeld) Powell

I skipped making a post yesterday, so this is for November 18th. On November 14th, I posted copies of the death certificate of my grandfather's brother Charles and his wife. These certificates are for their daughter Paulina and her daughter Anna. Paulina was born in Iowa County Wisconsin and died in Albany area, Linn County Oregon. Anna was born in Sexton, Kossuth County Iowa and died at Halsey, Linn County, Oregon.

If you check the dates on these certificates, you will see that the daughter died almost 15 years before her mother did. I find it sad when a parent loses an adult child.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Fotos of Some of Sarah Lollar's Children

Yesterday I posted about my 3rd gt-grandmother Sarah Lollar and that she had 16 children. I only have photos of 3 of them, 2 daughters and 1 son.

This is one of the family of an older daughter, Leatha Ann (O'Neal) Lanning, who was born in 1827. I guess Leatha took after her mother since she had 17 children. Only 12 are shown here. My thanks go to member, kittyacres, who allowed me to use this picture.

This photo is of one of the youngest daughter, Rebecca (O'Neal) Monroe, who was born in 1845. It was in the collection of my grandmother, Florence (Bond) Falk.

This last photo is of my 2nd gt-grandfather's family. Commodore Perry O'Neal was born in 1835. It was shared with me by my cousin, Robert Bond.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Ancestor Unbirthday - abt 1799 – Sarah Lollar

Another one of my 3rd gt-grandmothers was Sarah Lollar. According to the 1850 census she was born in South Carolina. It gives her age as 46 which would indicate a birth year of about 1804. However the age brackets in the 1830 and 1840 census show a female born between 1790 and 1800, so I estimate her birth year as about 1799.

By 24 Dec 1818 she was living in Franklin County Indiana because that is where she married Thomas Brown. She had at least two children with him: Isaac and Catherine. I have not found a record about what happened to Thomas, but on 20 Aug 1823, Sarah married Thomas O'Neal, as his second wife. With this Thomas Sarah had 14 children, so altogether that makes 16 children for her. According to a family record her husband Thomas O'Neal died in 1847. Sometime before the 1850 census, she along with some of her children moved to Bartholomew County Indiana. Seven of the children were listed in her household including my 2nd gt-grandfather, Commodore Perry O'Neal. The family record shows her death date as 17 Apr 1854.

Much of the information about this family comes from a family record which is said to have been kept by James Albert O'Neal, one of Sarah's grandsons. I do appreciate my cousin, Linda Wyatt, who shared this information with me. This is from one of the pages from that record.